2018 Annual Report

Argentina . Chile . Mexico . Peru . Uruguay

Training economically vulnerable youth in socioemotional skills for the future of work in Latin America.

Sam Mizrahi, President Future Plans

Results At a Glance

IDB Lab-ILO Return on Investment (roi) analysis of companies hiring Forge graduates​

Lead Specialist at IDB Lab

With support from the IDB and the ILO, the Zigla consultancy conducted an independent study on companies that hire young Forge graduates, comparing their performance with those of other non-Forge employees from the perspective of return on investment.

This shows that the Forge program is not only achieving its goal of including young people in the system who otherwise would not have had that opportunity. They perform well in their companies, and in fact do it better than other employees.

Finnancials Income and Expenses 2018

    • Chile USD 580
    • Argentina USD 1.121
    • Mexico USD 618
    • Uruguay USD 734
    • Peru USD 811
    • Chile USD 573
    • Argentina USD 1.070
    • Mexico USD 650
    • Uruguay USD 726
    • Peru USD 802

Rodrigo Kon, Executive Director Strategic Plan: Innovation, Technology, Scale And Impact.

Actions & Projects

Forge has initiated a change in its strategy aiming to exponentially scale its current school-to-work transition model. In line with this, Forge has decided to:

1. New Advisory Council+

The new Advisory Council, chaired by Sam Mizrahi, is made up of important referents of essential topics for Forge: education, work, innovation and technology.

  • José Luis Roces

    José Luis Roces

  • Mario Vázquez

    Mario Vázquez
    Digital Business

  • Santiago Bilinkis

    Santiago Bilinkis
    Innovation and Technology

  • Pablo Rodríguez de la Torre

    Pablo Rodríguez de la Torre
    Corporate Human Resources

  • Claudio Fernández Araóz

    Claudio Fernández Araóz

  • Inés Aguerrondo

    Inés Aguerrondo

  • Sam Mizrahi

    Sam Mizrahi

  • Jacques Mizrahi

    Jacques Mizrahi

  • Annette Mizrahi

    Annette Mizrahi

  • Mariana Chu

    Mariana Chu

2. Evolution of the strategic plan+
Operation Model Centres

Transform its current training centres (in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay) into Operation Model Centres that will operate as innovation hubs.

Forge Digital

Develop an innovative digital platform to train youth in socio-emotional competencies and digital skills to provide vocational guidance and facilitate job intermediation services.

Social Franchise

Expand geographically by developing a “social franchise” model to be transferred to strategic partners.

Public Sector

Build partnerships with the public sector advocating for the inclusion of socio-emotional competencies and digital skills in education systems.

3. Strengthening the Model+
  • Pedagogical Manual.

    In 2018, we have launched our Manual at the regional level, which standardizes our pedagogical process. This document contains our conception of the young the theoretical foundation and the content of the different levels of the program, class to class until the detail of the activities that are developed.

  • New soft skills Evaluation process.

    We developed a new model for evaluating the progress of young people throughout the pedagogical program, which allows us to evaluate their progress in the competences that make the profile of graduate Forge.

  • New process of labor intermediation.

    We launched the System module in all the countries, which allows to completely manage the labor intermediation process; from the demand of the company, to the nomination of young people, going through the internal process that allows tutors to derive every job opportunity to the best prepared candidates.

  • Manual of Monitoring and Evaluation Indicators.

    In 2016 we created a complete Manual of Monitoring and Evaluation Indicators. We launched the new Management System, our own development fully adapted to the needs of the program, which gradually incorporated the data collection tools established in the Indicators Manual.

  • Methodological Transfer Kit.

    We launched the Methodological Transfer Kit, an online e-learning tool that will reduce face-to-face training processes for allies that fully or partially implement our program. The tool has details about our approach, the breakdown of the pedagogical manual, tutorials, videos, images, infographics and a battery of useful resources to learn what is necessary to operate under the Forge methodology.

4. New agreement with IDB 2019-2021+

The impact of new technologies is changing the way we work and the nature of the work itself. 65% of children entering primary school will have jobs that do not yet exist and for which the education they receive will not be able to prepare them, which exacerbates skill gaps and unemployment.

This problem is exacerbated for the population with fewer economic resources (especially women), with less access to training related to technology and difficulties in access, preparation and insertion in jobs with better future prospects, growth and salary.

In this context, we present a project to the IDB LAB, which the Board of Directors of that entity decided to accompany. The program will be carried out over 3 years, and its objective is to reduce the gap that exists between vulnerable youth and the market of future jobs, using disruptive technologies to benefit 100,000 socioeconomically vulnerable youth in Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

In order to accelerate its scale and impact, the Forge model will integrate more and more technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, transforming digitally.

Partners Strategic Partners

  • BID Lab: Strategic Alliance to achieve a greater impact.

  • SwissJust America: Main donor.

  • Accenture Netherlands: Learning Journey.

Thanks to the donations that these organizations made in 2018, we could grant more than 8,000 young people in the region